What is Zonli?

Zonli offers premium bedding, including cooling and heated collections depending on your climate and how you sleep.

They've primarily made a name for themselves in the weighted blanket space thanks to their ultra soft materials and cooling technology.

However they also have futon mattresses, cooling floor mattresses, throw blankets, and heated blankets.


Stays warm: It stays warm for up to 7 hours after one full charge! This is just perfect for a day of outdoor winter activities!
Snuggle Factor: It’s like dating the sun; you won’t get this level of warmth from a human. Ever.
Mother Nature-Proof: Waterproof means spill your cocoa, and cry over it you shall not!
Charge Time: It’s like a techy cheetah ?quick to charge, ready to pounce on the cold.
Sherpa Lined: Feels akin to hugging a happy, yet inexplicably warm, fluffy cloud.
Heat Settings: Provides a “Goldilocks” range of temperatureshrefecause who doesn’t like options?
Bye-Bye Dirt: Throw it in the wash and it comes out like new—laundry magic!

Comfort and Versatility:

It’s not often that you come across a product that boasts multiple functionalities while excelling in each one. Whether you’re using it as a blanket, a pillow, or a cape, the comfort is unparalleled. The polar fleece side is perfect for a cool evening, while the ultra-soft sherpa provides a snug feel when the temperatures drop.

Making Mornings Warmer:

During the race weekend, one of the girls assisting us at the track wore it as a cape in the early mornings. The blanket not only kept her cozy, but also stood up to the demands and the general wear and tear of the weekend. Once the sun came out and she warmed up, it was converted back into a pillow, and made for a comfy bed for one of our small dogs.